Why Does Cannabis Cause Mental Breakdowns? (A Spiritual Perspective)

People are affected by cannabis differently. It all depends upon your own body chemistry, but also, where you are on your spiritual journey. Every soul is at a different stage of their journey, depending upon their particular incarnation in this lifetime.

Some people are ready to experience huge spiritual awakenings and transformations. Many souls are awakening at this current time in history, the biggest shift in consciousness in millennia.

Cannabis is a very powerful spiritual activator, with the power to create huge shifts and transformations in consciousness. Think about a mental breakdown as a result of smoking weed not as a bad thing, but instead, as an awakening to higher consciousness.

Some people might experience this as depression, anxiety, depersonalization disorder, or even as symptoms of bipolar or schizophrenia. But in reality, these are just different states of emotions/consciousness, and they are invitations to go within, to awaken spiritually and emotionally, and to discover what is at the root of these symptoms. These symptoms appear as mental breakdown, because indeed, they are a breakdown of the psyche, of the ego, and a draw to connect with the spiritual realms.

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Marijuana is a much more powerful plant medicine than we might imagine, with the power for serious healing and awakening. A lot of people are smoking it recreationally, feeling very drawn towards it, not necessarily understanding the power it has. It is not bad to experience this power, but it can cause a lot of symptoms that people are unfamiliar with experiencing. This is because it brings up and activates feelings that were underneath the surface, which we now need to process as they come into our awareness. Many of us are not accustomed to experiencing these sorts of feelings, and they can be a lot to handle.

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