We Need to Let Go of the Stigmas Against Marijuana!

Marijuana is an ancient plant medicine, and has been used historically for spiritual healing purposes.

So many falsehoods have been spread about this beautiful plant goddess in Western society. People are given negative labels like "hippie" or "stoner" when they smoke weed. When in reality, marijuana is a miracle drug that can heal us on a soul and cellular level. People have found healing using marijuana from diseases as widely ranging as PTSD to cancer.

So many people have experienced miraculous healing when smoking marijuana. It is classified as a schedule 1 drug in the United States, meaning that it has the highest level of illegality. There are many reasons why marijuana was categorized this way, but essentially, it is a highly misunderstood plant.

When we smoke marijuana, we are getting a hit of what is known as "divine feminine" energy. We live in a patriarchal culture, a masculine one, in which the masculine energy is one of production, getting things done, and focusing. Feminine energy is the exact opposite of this, which is why it can be scary to a masculine collective.

What is most important when working with marijuana or other plant medicine is that we are able to find a balance between the two -- between the divine feminine energy which is one of restoration, healing, and creativity, which can sometimes come off as "laziness," when in reality, restoration is necessary for our health, and the divine masculine energy of production.

When we find balance, we are in our highest alignment and power. When one or the other is too dominant, we will experience health problems, physical, mental, or emotional.

So, essentially, marijuana is just misunderstood, and so is the feminine energy. I am here to help you integrate these two energies! Email to book a session and to learn how to balance these energies!


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