The Most Important Part of Working With Plant Medicine Is Grounding

When we do spiritual healing work, it is important to integrate the light and the dark. When we are introduced to the spiritual world, it can cause us to become very ungrounded, even to the point of obsession. We might continue to heal ourselves to the point in which we forget about the physical world, and we become unable to get our physical needs met.

We exist on a dual plane. The physical and the spiritual coexist side by side.

When we first become introduced to the spiritual world, particularly if it is through plant medicine, it can be difficult to integrate the experiences and to understand what is physical and what is spiritual.

Integration is key.

Some important ways to ground the energy include:

-Working with a trauma-informed therapist

-Working with a shaman

-Integrating into a community

-Leaving toxic relationship dynamics in exchange for new ones, or healing relationships from our past

-Exercise— particularly cardio

-Exercises such as plyometrics, kickboxing, weight training, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats

-Learning about boundaries and respect

-Continuing to pursue work/jobs— integrating your financial situation into more uplifting work

-Having a safe place to stay and a roof over your head

-Learning self-defense and energy protection

-Connecting directly to the earth

-Grounding yoga practices such as this one

-Learning better social skills

-Developing other real world skills

-Most importantly, having lots of friends and family members to support you on your journey!

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