How To Use Cannabis For Manifestation & Intention-Setting

Cannabis is a spiritual activator and transformative plant medicine. We can set intentions when we smoke weed in order to help us create a better reality for ourselves.

When we smoke cannabis it connects us to the spiritual realm. The realm of the mind, thought, and energy, is the realm of the spirit. The spiritual realm is what helps us manifest our intentions into reality. We exist on a dual plane - one that is both physical and spiritual. The physical is what we can see, and the spiritual is unseen, but exists. When we plant seeds of intention into the spiritual realm we can manifest better lives for ourselves.

We can do this when we are already high, or, we can do it beforehand. The spirits appreciate ceremonial acts, so doing it beforehand is most effective.

The energies are most powerful during certain points in the moon cycle, for example, during the new moon and full moon. I recommend setting intentions during the new moon in particular for manifestation. The full moon is more related to release, in order to help the manifestations come in.

You can assist the process by smoking cannabis. It directly sets the intentions into your emotional/spiritual body so that you can have it on your mind, and as a divine being, connected to the universe at large, you can manifest what it is that you want to create, through a process known as co-creating with the universe.

Here's How To Do It:

1. Think of what you want to manifest.

2. Write it down or create a vision board. You can do this on your computer/phone or on a piece of paper or real vision board.

3. Set the intention into the cannabis.

4. Smoke the weed (or ingest however you feel comfortable).

5. See what cannabis shows you during your session.

To learn more about healing and intention-setting with cannabis, check out my online course, Healing & Awakening Your Divinity, where I teach you how to use weed to manifest and heal your entire energy body.


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