How Cannabis Helps Us Tap Into the Subconscious Mind

Marijuana is a spiritual activator, meaning that it allows us to access realms of the mind, including the subconscious, that we wouldn't normally be able during a waking conscious state. This is because it lowers our brainwaves to a lower state of consciousness that resonates at the level of the subconscious mind, where our memories and traumas are stored.

There are many ways to access the subconscious, plant medicine being one of them.

Many people don't realize how spiritually activating cannabis is. The soul or the spirit is essentially the blueprint for our lives, holding our subconscious memories and desires underneath the surface of our waking conscious mind. This is why we tend to do things we truly desire at a subconscious level that will make us feel good when we smoke or otherwise ingest marijuana, like enjoy a meal, lay on the grass, listen to music, or even have sex. Marijuana connects us to this more spiritual and simple side of ourselves.

It also has the capacity for all for us to do spiritual work. This can promote healing on a mind/body/spirit level, due to the connection between the mind, body, and spirit, so we can experience more states of joy and bliss as well as improved health outcomes.

We have a physical body but we also have a subconscious emotional body. The subconscious allows us to see what it is that we truly desire and it can reconnect us to our humanity.

Marijuana is much more powerful at activating the spirit than we might understand. This is why some people might have psychotic events as a result of using it. This is the opening of the third eye and crown chakras, and it can sometimes be too much for a person to handle, particularly if they have been repressing a lot of themselves and their trauma over time.

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