Cannabis Is A Much More Powerful Plant Medicine Than We Think

Cannabis is a healing plant medicine. It has the power to heal us on a spiritual and emotional level. Because it is a plant, pure source energy, it aligns us to a frequency of truth and healing.

We might smoke weed not thinking it's a big deal, or we may use it to have fun, but in reality, it is working on you at a spiritual level.

We have a physical body and we have an emotional body. The emotional body is also what is known as the spirit. The spirit interacts with plant medicine because it works at a chemical level, using what is known as the energy of the divine feminine. The part of the cannabis that we ingest is the flower, and the flower is the female part of the plant.

The feminine energy is connected to the third eye-- the seat of the soul. Ancient cultures and traditions often used cannabis in their own healing and spiritual ceremonies, to get closer to the divine. And so, every time we smoke weed, it is interacting with our soul, connecting us closer to the divine. This is why it heals us, and this is why it has the power to connect us to our own inner divinity.

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